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Cool hair, and I think I only like the pink eyebrows on her because she's asian. Also liking the John Lennon glasses on her.

❇Cotton Candy Pink and purple hair with bangs and victory rolls ❇ ~ I think this is a very cute hairstyle

Japanese fashion

This was the first pastel goth picture I ever saw. When I was younger I took a quiz to see with kind of goth I would be and this picture was my answer pastel goth. I'm a pastel goth now wow nostalgia.

FASHION JAPAN: 16th Harajuku Fashion Walk | Makeup: Runway | Pinterest

Decora kei ~ Kawaii fashion ~☆彡 Fairy Kei ☆彡 Decora ~ Kawaii style ~ j fashion ~ harajuku ~ gyaru ~ fairy kei ~ lolita fashion ~ gothic lolita ~ pastel goth ~ japanese fashion ~ pop kei ~