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Can just make the filling (yum) or make into a bread roll and bake it (baking directions in the link). No oil needed for either option.


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Palak Phulka

How to make our everyday Indian Roti’s with a twist of Spinach? Well it is really simple. Pan toast it or flame bake it and enjoy with all the goodness of SPinach – Palak Phulka’s.

Gobi Manchurian

A super delicious Indian appetizer. The garlicky flavor, crispiness from the fried cauliflower, sweetness from the ketchup, tanginess from the lemon, heat from the red chilli flakes and saltiness from the soy sauce; brings in an explosion of flavors in yo

How to make sev batata puri

SEV BATATA PURI RECIPE Sev Batata Puri( popular street side Indian fast-food snack, this spicy-yet- sweet treat is synonymous with Bombay’s Girgaum Chowpatty.

How to make palak paneer

PALAK PANEER RECIPE Palak Paneer Recipe ( Succulent chunks of paneer cooked in a thick creamy curry of sautéed spinach, mild cloves of garlic and a hint of garam masala

Makki Mooli and Methi ke Parathe - Radish and fenugreek leaves combined with Indian cornmeal and spices creates a lip smacking dinner. Pair them with homemade butter and pickle for a d-licious meal!

How to make dal makhani

DAL MAKHANI RECIPE Dal Makhani( : This Punjabi-style indulgent dal simmered with spices, and laden with fresh cream is a delight to pair with rice, or Indian breads. _ga- this looks pretty much like a lot of the chili bowls I've been served.

Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet - A quick, easy and delicious Indian snack made from potatoes and other veggies. Crispy on the inside, soft and delicious on the inside. Probably the easiest way to have your family eat their veggies. Read More by revisfood

Aloo paratha

Pains plats indiens farcis aux épinards - Spinach stuffed paratha, indian flatbread made healthier and wholesome.

Mumbai Mast Tomato Pulao

Mumbai Mast Tomato Pulao - A wonderful Mumbai street food styled rice made with paneer (cottage cheese) and veggies and loads of flavor. Vegans can use tofu instead of paneer. I have cooked this recipe many times. it tastes amazing

Easy Indian Naan Bread

An easy version of a soft, pillowy flatbread made in a food processor. Homemade Naan is my favorite flat bread and so easy.

Nankhatai (Indian Sortbread Cookies) Light and flaky shortbread, flavored with cardamom and vanilla will just melt away in your mouth!

I never measure my ingredients. I go by sight and feel. It still comes out edible . or dog food. Either way, someone gets to eat INDIAN FRY BREAD