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Tento otec splnil svojej rodine sen. Pozrite sa, čo vytvoril na záhrade!

Did you know that natural swimming pools/ponds are a thing? You don't have to bop up and down in an electric blue man-made container of chemicals to call it 'swimming'.

Maybe I can do something similar and take out some of my bricks and replace ground cover.

Everyone loves to take a dip in the fresh waters of the swimming pool but having small backyards isn’t a restriction as you can still have a small version of simple swimming pool. Swimming pools ar… - Focus On Luxury

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natural filtration, natural water, healthy for you and the animals. If it floods, you won't have to drain everything to fix it!

Garden by Cerrar via nuevo-estilo

Collection of 19 incredible natural swimming pools! (via Elle Decor). This is the only way I'd do a pool.

Yes, Eco-Friendly Backyard Pools Do Exist...  Installing a backyard pool doesn’t have to be at odds with your eco-conscious lifestyle. The green marketplace is doing more to meet the demands of consumers who enjoy the luxuries of life but don’t want to sacrifice the environment to get them. Even the swimming pool industry is creating increasingly responsible products that help offset a pool’s environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Natural Swimming Pools Natural pools eliminate harsh chemicals like chlorine by combining the cleaning properties of plants with bio-filtration and skimming systems. The pools are separated into two zones the plant zone and the swimming zone.

No more having to be afraid you'll fall off the trampoline.

"In Ground Trampolines". This is awesome! Would have loved to have this as a kid cause my parents wouldn't let us get a trampoline cause we may fall off and break something!