Hunger Games District 12 inspired makeup -- This is the first Hunger Games inspired make-up I've seen.

Remains one of the best color combinations ever.

Try out purple makeup for brown eyes to show off those beautiful eyes. Match it with purple outfits, jewelry or purple accessories to complete the look.

Weekend playaround

Hunger Games Inspired Makeup - Katniss Everdeen, "The Girl Who Was on Fire"

Make up

Sex on Fire Makeup Geek eyeshadow: Dark brown= Bada Bing Red= Burlesque Med brown= Cocoa Bear Black= Corrupt; I want the red eyeshadow!

beautiful colors by ellen

Cover entire eyelid in white eyeliner and bottom line also Lid: gold/ rusty yellow with same color on outer corners of eye.with teal green / subtle sea green on inner corner of eye fading into the gold Crease: subtle dark brown


Eye Make-up: I have never seen purple and orange put together in a way that actually looks good. Interesting sunset eye shadow design, but not for every eye colour!