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it is the sequence of lunar eclipse. the process of lunar eclipse is not fast, but the total lunar eclipse just exists a short moment.

Total Solar Eclipse by Nat'l Optical Astronomy Observatories

(Reminds me of an eye!) "The sun's outermost region, called the corona, shines like a halo around the moon during a total solar eclipse. Such eclipses occur when a new moon passes in front of the sun.

Ekadasi (11th day of Lunar Cycle) Fasting for better living - Ayurveda - Astrogle

Ekadasi day of Lunar Cycle) Fasting for better living - Ayurveda - Astrogle

Saturn in Sri Manmadha Nama Samvatsaram (2015-16) causes rise in democracy, tsunamis, untimely rainfall, terrorism, death of politicians in Vedic Astrology

A CELESTIAL phenomenon "worth getting up early for" is set to delight stargazers from today as Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter form a rare alignment. The five planets will.

Jupiter Combust in Leo 2015

Jupiter Combust 2015 August - September in Leo (Simha Rasi) effects positive energy, gold price, finance etc. Saturn aspect, Mercury & combust Venus conjunction varies results according to Vedic Astrology

26 EKİM 2017 Jüpiter-Güneş kavuşumu

26 EKİM 2017 Jüpiter-Güneş kavuşumu

Astronomers Make Exact Measurement of Neutron Star

The image shows an artist's impression of the highly obscured high-mass X-ray binary IGR which consists of a neutron star that is accreting mass from its companion, a blue supergiant star.


May 2013 Solar Eclipse. Nicole Hollenbeck took the picture from inside the narrow path of annularity about south of Newman, Australia. At the time, more than of the sun's diameter was covered by the Moon.