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Materiály a vzory - Tartan

Materiály a vzory - Tartan

Chladný zimný typ  (Jennifer Conelly) v teplých,  fádnych tlmených farbách vyzerá nezdravo a unavene. Kontrastnejšie líčenie a chladné zimné farby tvár rozjasnia.

Jennifer Connelly looks far better on the right with her home colours.

Emily Bunt Dark Ombre

Does It Really Make Sense to Darken Your Hair Colour in the Winter?

I've never really understood why people darken their hair colour in the winter—and it looks like Emily Blunt doesn't either - Beauty Editor: Celebrity Beauty Secrets, Hairstyles


using all eyeshadows and lipsticks! Which is your favorite? Both are hot as hell, but we're swooning over the purple lip!

Celebrity a udalosti - Pražský Ples v Opere 2012

Celebrity a udalosti - Pražský Ples v Opere 2012

MONICAINESSENCE: Evening make up with ZOEVA Retro Future eyeshadow palette

Umelé riasy a líčenie s paletkou Retro Future ZOEVA

Catherine Zeta Jones~one most beautiful ladies in hollywood I think

Always typed as TW. You might rule out TW because of her warm "overtone" but she has a cool "undertone".