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It’s strawberry season people! Everyone love strawberries and everyone knows how tasty and delicious this little red fruits are.  #strawberry

Motion Example: I chose this one because I like how you can see how the sugar falls off the strawberry.

Photographier au stroboscope - VirusPhoto, apprendre la photo ensemble

I chose this because I like how the black background makes the cards and the persons hand pop. This picture also could show the personality of the model.

Motion photography, love the use of slow shutter speed here

Beautiful Collection Of Motion And Blur Photography - Downgraf

Motion blur photography is accomplished using slow shutter speeds, panning, or zooming, and can yield very cool results.A cool collection of Motion Blur

I had a hard time with my blur-action shots, this website was super creative and helpful!   http://digital-photography-school.com/13-places-to-practice-taking-beautiful-motion-blur-images

13 Places Take Beautiful Motion Blur Shots

Motion blur is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of images such as a movie or animation. [mainimage] When you see a picture that showcases a motion blur in action photography, you may think only professional