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Top 10 Pantone for Fall 2016Love the image that shows all these colors found in nature...I think the green might be what you were describing??

Choosing wedding colors by season { Pick Your Perfect Wedding Season-Based Theme! }

Pantone has released its top ten colors for fall Pantone top 10 colors with colors including Riverside { New blue }, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red

Colors to Watch for Spring 2016 - Liking Fiesta, Lilac Gray, and Snorkel Blue. Green Flash (in accents only) for me

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Things Festive Weddings & Events: Color Palette Inspiration: Pantone Spring 2015 Color Report

Color Palette Inspiration: Pantone Spring 2015 Color Report

Pantone Fall 2015 Colors || Androgynous and effortless fashion sophistication. Sourced from “progressive moments in American history" – Seductive 1920s, Bohemian and Modernists of the ‘60s and ‘70s”


Pantone Fall 2015 Colors - Rena Klingenberg it is the first time there is a truly unisex color palette