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24 morských živočíchov, ktoré neuvidíte ani v sci-fi filme

Atolla wyvillei, also known as Atolla jellyfish or Coronate medusa, is a species of deep-sea crown jellyfish.

Neon jellyfish by Tambako the Jaguar, via Flickr

one day i'll commission someone to fill my home with glass jellyfish lamps. Or anything jellyfish.


Royal Blue Crowntail Betta - Looks just like my first boy Stewie! Had him 3 years from the store!

Creatures living in the abyss of the Mariana trench... I'm going to have nightmares after seeing these.

Creatures living in the abyss of the Mariana trench

Witnessing a breaching great white shark is a spectacular sight and ...

White Shark Hunting by (Alfred Weissenegger). This is also a photo representation of me when I get 'hangry'.

And this is why Caterpillars are soooo friggen scary!!!!

The grub of the Goliath Beetle, the largest insect on earth. My god, that will be juicy & delicious who can eat insect :)


(You just never know what is in your water.) Two water bears (or tardigrades) microscopic, water-dwelling creatures

Green sea turtle and jellyfish

Stunning Wildlife on

Green Sea Turtle eating Jellyfish - Dimakya, Philippines by Ai Gentel --Exactly why it is dangerous for plastic bags to pollute the oceans, because they are often mistaken as jellyfish and kill turtles.