A pale pink chrysanthemum

A pale pink/white chrysanthemum. Random fact: I traced every petal in this picture on a computer programme in graphics at school to be engraved on a clock for my cousin. Thankfully she loved it :)

Jesus walked on water, but I can stand on a flower!

Always watching! Little birdy perched on a pink flower bud. The bud is bigger than the birdy! :) very sweet pic. Kind of like our kids, right?little person/bird compared to the big world around them.

'Garden News’ #Fuchsia.  Now they finally have some Sun Tolerant Fuschias and I must find one!  We lost the big Oak Tree that used to shade my deck where the Hummers enjoyed a Fuschia feast!

Without a doubt hardy perennial fuchsias are a favorite in my garden. - Hardy fuchsia ‘Garden News’ - GLORIOUS!

Peachy-pink Dahlia

Peach Dahlia Light:Sun Plant Type:Bulb Plant inches to 5 feet tall Plant Width:To 2 feet wide Landscape Uses:Containers,Beds