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How to make a Pokeball Piñata for a Pokemon birthday party. Who said piñatas are only fun for the kids? My son and I had a lot of fun during the piñata making. It was very simple to make (the paper machê I used was 1 part of white flour to 1 part of water) and durable. After watching a few videos on YouTube we decided to make 6 layers of paper. I feel that it was a good amount to outlast 10 year old boy's hit.

How to make a Pokeball Piñata for a Pokemon birthday party. Paper mache so kids can actually open it!

SPIDER-MAN cabeza de piñata regalo de por PinjateNoviSad en Etsy

SPIDER-MAN head pinata - birthday gift, birthday and any other party joy. for all ages with young spirit :)

10421953_869804586424269_1299822001377478025_n.jpg (540×960)

10421953_869804586424269_1299822001377478025_n.jpg (540×960)

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