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Photos: George Clooney Outtakes

George Clooney channels Old Hollywood glamour with model Gemma Ward in a Vanity Fair photo shoot by photographer Norman Jean Roy

Goerge Clooney.  What a smile, handsome even unshaven. Oh my oh my!

Duchenne smile- his eyes are crinkled and his face is creased. This is a smile that reaches his eyes- a sign of a genuine smile.

Robert Downy Jr

Robert DOWNEY Jr (b. [] Notable Films Iron Man Wonder Boys Gothika The Singing Detective Kiss Kiss Bang Bang The Shaggy Dog Zodiac Tropic Thunder Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 The Avengers


De Niro will play a financial mogul hot on the tail of Cooper's character, who discovers a designer drug that makes him smarter and basically better than the rest of us. While most people might worry about De Niro in the part

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Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond.although the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a great series for him too