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You know what makes a leather bag durable – that it’s built from the finest Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned leather in the U.S. It’s a bag riveted together
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Leather Bag, Men's Leather Bag, Leather Briefcase, Leather Shoulder Bag, Men's Bag, Shoulder Bag, Leather Satchel 215

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You know what makes a leather bag durable – that it’s built from the finest Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned leather in the U.S. It’s a bag riveted together with solid brass rivets that wont wear out over time. There’s no stitching to break. I designed this leather bag to last a lifetime and put up with the heavy use that you’ll give it.
PRODUCT VIDEO: https://mrlentz.wistia.com/medias/bgo0ipazhn
SHOP VIDEO: https://mrlentz.wistia.com/medias/2thkp33kst
This bag, or leather briefcase is big enough to fit your books, laptop, notes and all your carry goods. It has one large central storage area, an optional interior pockets addon, as well as a back separated pocket, closed with a snap, where you can store your notes, and slimmer items. Behind the back pocket are two straps that snap into place in case you need to stuff a newspaper on the outside. The sides are secured with solid brass, nickel-plated rivets that will last a lifetime. The leather briefcase has an adjustable slide so you can wear it at any height, tall or short - and includes a widened shoulder flap to help distribute the weight. The handle is made from comfortably wrapped leather attached to two straps. The front flap is secured via two buckles, allowing for a tight fit no matter how much you carry.
Storage Pockets Addon: All briefcases will come with interior military grade snaps that can be used to attach the optional Storage Pockets addon. The pockets each measure 6 inches wide x 5 inches tall. One has a flap closed by a button stud, the other is open to easily fit your phone or other items. Also attached to the top of the open pocket is a small keyring you can use to clip your keys to.
Please note this bag may come with markings, small scratches and other manly features, it is a testament to real authentic Full-Grain leather, and a part of what this bag is all about. Handle it rough and it'll be just fine.
I cut, brand, stamp, dye, oil and wax and assemble each leather bag by hand. Every bag also comes with a tin of my own all-natural Spiff N' Shine - a conditioner made here in the workshop - meant to keep high quality leather goods in high quality shape.
Hardware change note: the shoulder strap now contains two steel clips on either end that clip onto the hardware on the sides of the bag.
Be sure to select your preferred color as I cannot offer exchanges on this item.
- FREE U.S. SHIPPING for orders of $50 and over// Discounted International
Special Features:
♦ Large main pocket fits your laptop, books, notebooks and more
♦ Slim back pocket will hold slim items
♦ Adjustable shoulder strap for any height
♦ Two flap tightness settings for varying loads
♦ Completely stitch free, won’t wear out
♦ Free tin of my own handmade natural leather conditioner included
Also Featuring:
♦ Completely handmade per order in my workshop, in the U.S.A.
♦ Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned Leather that wont wear out
♦ Built to last with solid brass rivets, it’ll last a lifetime
♦ I use my own all natural handmade dyes and conditioner
♦ An original design by myself, Mr. Lentz, including a unique sequentially stamped number
♦ Leather may include beautiful original markings form the cow's life, such as scarring, welts, brand marks and more
♦ 100 Year Warranty against defects
Want to add a custom touch? Consider adding initials or a name stamped onto your item. It's a great idea for those giving items as a gift. Personalization for this item will go on a small tag riveted to the front of the body visible when the flap is open.
- Choose the Stamped option
- Write your personalization in the comment box on checkout
- Up to 10 Characters Maximum including spaces // on one line only
- Only uppercase letters can be used.
- You can use these symbols as well:. ( ) - + = / &! ?" " : * > < # @ $ ♥
- Position of personalization is just above the numbers on all wallets and a few will vary (sorry no exceptions there!) for other items, please see the product description for placement
- The personalization will be surrounded by a diamond mark on each end as shown in the photos unless you use your own symbols at the ends in which case I will use my discretion
This process uses cold hammering to impress the letters into the leather.
This option is not available on this marketplace.
-The best of the best etsy shops, full interview here:
LARGE: The exterior of this size measures 15.5 inches wide x 11.25 inches tall x 3 inches deep (394mm x 285 x 76mm). The interior space is: 14.75 inches wide x 11 inches tall x 2.75 inches deep (374mm x 279mm x 69mm). The large size will fit Macbook Pro 15" laptops.
INTERIOR POCKETS ADDON: These are 2 pockets total attached to the interior via 6 heavy duty snaps. Please note that if you do want the storage option installed - it must be selected at the time of ordering the bag, storage cannot be installed at a later date. The pockets are both 6 inches wide x 5 inches tall, and one contains a flap closure, the other is open with a small keyring attachment.
Please note that Mr. Lentz does not use any toxic materials in his shop or process and has chosen not to coat his leather goods with toxic water resistant sprays. He does use an all natural mixture of olive oil and beeswax to help with water resistance, but water on the outside of the case is best avoided to prevent spotting. You may choose to coat your messenger bag with water repellent sprays as needed.
THE CREATION OF YOUR WALLET (applies to all Mr. Lentz Leather Goods)
Now, there aren't too many people makin' wallets with as much care as I do, so I thought I would share the process with y'all:
♦Every morning Mr. Lentz wakes up and brews a pot of Cowboy Coffee, you know - the grainy type with a bit of grind still left in the cup. Sippin' on this, he enters his workshop and pulls out a large 'side' of raw, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. Usually a roll of about 24 square feet, of leather smellin' goodness. From this roll he will plan out the day's cuts, which pieces will be best used for wallets, and where the most interesting natural markings lay. Mr. Lentz will then start the cutting and punching process, shaping the wallet down to the millimeter using a series of sharp knives and precision cutting tools.
♦From there, it will be carried over to the Mr. Lentz logo branding machine, a beast of a tool that is capable of over a thousand degrees of heat. The brand is set in place and the logo is impressed on the surface...a sweet smell of singed leather fills the air with a puff of steam. Next, the wallet is carried over to the sequential number machine, where Mr. Lentz first sprays on a bit of water into place before adjusting the machine and pulling down on the lever to set the numbers deep into the leather. This number signifies the order in which the wallet or other leather good was made in the history of Mr. Lentz Leather Goods. It is sequential right from the start of Mr. Lentz's early work, and he has a book to account for every item and number marked.
♦If you chose to personalize your wallet, then Mr. Lentz will heat up another branding tool, as well capable of over 1,000 degrees. The letters are hand placed into the tool in the old-fashioned typesetter's way, then the wallet is again sprayed with a mist of water. Mr. Lentz will hold the branding tool above the wallet, carefully aligning the initials in place, then with a quick and brisk movement, the numbers are pressed and held into place as the tool brands the leather.
♦The wallet is then set out to dry in the natural heat and wind of the Southwest's desert air for several hours. Once fully dry, the wallet is brought over to be oiled and conditioned. Mr. Lentz is proud to say that he makes his own leather conditioner from all-natural materials as well. It is the same leather conditioner that he ships free with every wallet as a can of Spiff N' Shine (also hand-filled! ) The wallet is set on a table and rubbed down from side to side with a few layers of an oil-wax mixture. This process is then repeated on the backside and over again until the wallet has fully absorbed just the right amount as to be soft and pliable.
♦Once oiled, every wallet is hand-buffed with a soft cloth before each rivet is placed into the leather, one by one. The rivets are assembled together with several hundred pounds of force, creating a super-durable and tight fit... one that will last a long long time. The wallet is then hand hammered into shape, thus keeping its tightly made corners and folds.
♦Each wallet is then fit with a paper sleeve made from recycled materials, and attached with a free tin of Mr. Lentz Spiff N' Shine. Then, finally - after a day or so of work - it is off to the postal service to make its way to you and your pocket. It will last you a long long time.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed hearing about all of the work that went into this purely handcrafted piece of leather goodness!
Free shipping to all U.S. 50 states on orders of $80+ unless otherwise noted due to increased USPS shipping rates, reduced rate shipping international.
International shipments may incur a customs or duty fee, though it is rare and random. The responsibility for paying the duty fee is that of the buyer, but Mr. Lentz does try to help his customers out with this fee by charging less than half the actual shipping cost.
PLEASE NOTE: If your international package has not arrived within 2 weeks, please go to your local Post Office and give them the tracking number for your package - they may be holding it for you to pick up. The tracking number is provided in the shipping confirmation email that Etsy will send you when your item is marked as shipped.
Why buy from MR. LENTZ:
Mr. Lentz works hard to find new ways to work with natural materials. After weeks of experimenting he has proven that it is possible to work with leather in an all-natural and non-toxic fashion. Mr. Lentz creates without destroying.
Every material used in the Mr. Lentz Shop is thought over, and over, and over again to assess its impact on the environment. Mr. Lentz tries to use upcycled and sustainable materials in his work when possible. He stays far away from toxic elements, even creating his own dyes from vegetable matter, and his own leather conditioner from all natural ingredients. Mr. Lentz firmly believes in creating without destroying.
Every MR. LENTZ accessory is handmade from start to finish in the Mr. Lentz workshop. Each piece is designed, sustainably sourced, cut and assembled with extreme attention to even the smallest details.
Each item in the shop is one of a kind in terms of appearance and all are made to order as a limited series. All items include a unique sequential number stamped into the leather.


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