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Šikovný spôsob, ako vyčistiť vodný kameň v domácnosti

Šikovný spôsob, ako vyčistiť vodný kameň v domácnosti

Siden jeg lærte dette, behøver jeg aldrig mere skamme mig over en beskidt ovn!

You’ve Been Cleaning The Oven Wrong Your Entire Life. This Is Brilliant! We will do it in two steps: First the oven itself and then the window.

how to clean kohler tub?

25 Everyday Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bathtub slip resistant bottom: OMG, it’s like new! Slipguard cleaner and which seems to be a more general purpose cleaner Read more: Cleaning the bathtub slip resistant bottom: OMG, it's like new!

57 Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaning Products | We live in a toxic world and we know it's making us sick. Run down immune systems, skin rashes, chemical sensitivities... just some of the conditions that plague our families. What's a homemaker to do? Make her own, of course! Here are 57 homemade non-toxic cleaners for every aspect of your life and home. | HomeFTW.com

A Typical English Home: My Favorite Natural Cleaning Recipes Tuesday, 16 September 2014 Save money cleaning homemade cleaning

i clean MY SHOWER  glass doors with the ROG3

1 Easy thing that gets rid of hard water from glass and windows for good.Apply Rain-X (original formula) to clean shower walls to prevent water spots. Wipe it on, then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. Reapply every weeks.

Cleaning Glass Cooktop with baking soda and water #cleaning @jayna

How to clean glass top stove with baking soda. Also, love the color scheme of this kitchen.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher | One Good Thing by Jillee. Fantastic step by step guide both narrative and some photos too on how to clean out your dishwasher yourself so you don't have to have someone come in and de clog it as well as repair it because it wasn't running properly. Pin leads to her blog with super good instructions on how to do this.

How To Clean Your Dishwasher In 3 Easy Steps

How to remove hard water buildup. Tons of other good DIY household cleaning too.

How to remove hard water buildup Step Dust some cream of tartar on the affected area Step Make a paste with a few drops of lemon juice and cream of tartar Step Using the toothbrush, scrub the paste all over the area until it’s clean. rinse with water

Equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a scrubby to wash the tub after each use.  Find a dish wand with a hole in the end so it can be hung right in the tub.

What You Need: Dish Wand (got mine at the dollar store!) Dish Soap Vinegar Simply fill your wand with half soap and half vinegar. Shake it up and get cleaning! I hung mine up in the shower using a suction cup/hook thing

Clean Burnt Pans - Life Hack of the Day

Clean burnt pots with vinegar, baking soda and water - Bring the water & vinegar to a boil, add baking soda, wait a couple mins. & everything just wipes off!

Cleaning Tips : These 35 tips and cleaning recipes for the home are awesome! the36thavenue.com #cleaning

Best Cleaning Tips

I’ve been searching for some great ways to clean and how to organize our home better this year. Today I am sharing cleaning tips that I love and I am sure my home will love as well. 1 How to clean.

Miracle grout cleaner!!...Finally clean your grout floors...Here's the 1-2-3 grout challenge...1 product...less than 2hrs total time and a total cost of under 3 dollars!!!...this stuff is amazing!!!

Fastest, easiest and cheapest way to clean grout! The grout challenge. ONE product, less than TWO hrs and a total cost of under THREE dollars!

Easy way to get rid of mold in shower - bleach and cotton for coil... let sit overnight

Clean mold from shower caulking using bleach and beauty supply store cotton beauty coils(used for perms). Cut a piece of the cooton coil, soak it in bleach and press over caulking with q tip, let sit overnight

Nobody likes things that are not clean. It is frustrating to find something you use and like on a daily basis – dirty. It is even more frustrating when you cannot get the stains out or get it clean! FYI here are 30+ cleaning tricks for those who are meticulous. Now, you can wash away …

87 Cleaning Solutions To Clean Almost Everything

The A-Z Guide On Cleaning: How to clean absolutely anything!

A Guide to #DIY Cleaning Products: Cleaners that contain strong chemicals and disinfectants pose health risks for people & pets, & when they’re washed down the drain, they contaminate our waterways & soil. Help the environment and wildlife by making your own #green products that are just as effective as store-bought options.

A DIY guide to green cleaning

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