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Non ho bisogno di stima o di gloria o di altre cose simili. Ho bisogno di amore, di entusiasmo, di fuoco, di vita! #lipcolorsforblondes

Blonde hair needs regular toning, and a purple shampoo is the best way to keep it looking great. Discover the best purple shampoo for toning blonde hair.

Blue hair is gorgeousss! I just dyed my ends a bluish color but I would love to do this to!

Blue hair is gorgeousss! I just don't have the balls to do it. I love my hair too much. I don't think I'll ever dye my hair a crazy color like I would want to.

50 Sweeet Cotton Candy Hair Ideas That Are As Aye-pleasing As Can Be

50 Sweeet Cotton Candy Hair Ideas That Are As Aye-pleasing As Can Be


News) Princess Sarah,otherwise known as her model name, "Sarah Marie Karda" was found dead. In an apartment building along with the other bodies of mysterious deaths. More as this story develops.

Open with Quinn.) I was hopping through different dreams, I probably shouldn't have been but, I was anyway. Each dream I was different, according to each person. This dream was, off. Like someone had taken all colors and just flipped the switch. I kinda liked it... I decided to stay in this one a bit longer, or at least find the dreamer.

pretty girls with pretty hair. The chances of these people being feminists due to the abnormally colorful hair disturbs me. Not saying all dyed hair women are that but there are a lot of that dream hair