Art Deco interior "moon gate". reminds me of lord of the rings

Art Deco interior "moon gate": the breathtaking pocket doors that lead to designer Eser Hakanu's bedroom in his Istanbul home/studio are a modern addition that looks anything but.

Art Deco moon window

Round Windows

The design of this window is really beautiful. "Art Deco Moon Window on the Russian Riviera in the abandoned Seagull hotel"

Art Nouveau fireplace

Art Nouveau Fireplace - Villa Majorelle, Nancy, France Ceiling and the crown molding idea, such a shame this huge penis is blocking the details. my-house-is-not-a-home-without-you

Art Deco Pool, La Piscine, Lille, La Piscine, a splendid Art Deco building in Roubaix, part of greater Lille, houses the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie. It’s one of the most exciting surprises in the Nord region, housing an impressive collection of 19th- and 20th-century art.

La Piscine - a splendid Art Deco building in Roubaix, part of greater Lille - houses the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie. Originally it was a swimming pool, now it's an eclectic museum (photo by David Hone LRPS)


Art Deco bedroom, Morbi Palace, Gujarat, India - Casa Vogue, Photo by Tim Walker

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Upcycled stained glass doorway in the yard or garden. Put a doorway on the side of the house to a secret garden

the space the faeries occupy should feel like an art nouveau brian froud illustration of a scene in the movie "legend".

amazing Art Nouveau tile & painting work entrance entrance hall entry entryway entry way foyer front hall front door hall hallway stair hall hallway stairwell staircase stairs interior design