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The first picture of Teresa here is actually one of the more popular pictures of her, but it really disturbs me. I appears as if she has some kind of a unibrow, and her mouth is just...Uh...I don't know. Weird?

Teresa: Not all queens have crowns Thomas: Not all heroes wear capes Newt: Not all angels have wings Minho: Not all warriors wear armors

NEWT. I'm sorry Theresa, but you're not him. You could never be him. Ever. Sorry. (Not sorry)

NEWT<<< Definitely Newt<<<Newt<<<<<< newt<<<NEWTTT<<<<Hmmmm let me think about this its a tough decis-Newt. << Is this even a question?<Newt<<<< NEWT who the heck would pick Teresa

I started crying looking at this

The Maze Runner - ...

It's about time they we're sorted too! And it works perfectly! #TheMazeRunner #HogwartsHouseSorting #EmilyMeyersPhotography

It's about time they we're sorted too! And it works perfectly! I am a Hufflepuff so that bloody works

Basically. Imo, it really all depends on how the pic looks, I mean, in some, he does look 25. U just need 2 really look at the pic to see his actual age.

That Baby Face

Funny pictures about That Baby Face. Oh, and cool pics about That Baby Face. Also, That Baby Face photos.



Okay this is just rude

The Maze Runner Jokes - Opps...

Some random Maze Runner Jokes. [Spoilers] [All requests are open] All… dare they do this