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You didn't even cared about me

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I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their level of perception

People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear. Stop explaining.

Remove toxic people                                                                                                                                                      More

Mary Coffins: Goths Responding to Insulting & Mean Comments - Gothic Life


When some one hope you because of the word promise, But easily broke you that…

don't worry be happy

Best Short Quotes You may remember a beautiful face for a few days, But you will remember a beautiful soul forever. I respect those who tell me the truths, no matter how hard it is.

I need to walk away from you.

I need to walk away from you.

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37 Happiness Quotes That Will Make You "Don’t take life too seriously." Elbert Hubbard True happiness arises, in the first

Is something not working for you? Change it. #change #wisdom #RPmuses

Change or quit complaining

Yes please

Yes please

On my side.. by my side.. or in my f**king way... choose wisely

this is how I'd choose wisely i mean fuck-wise. and it's this time of the hour you be goin hard on my thoughts like there's no fucking way other than this, eh? Maddening ways losing sane. YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A GOD DAMN moving heavens and for fuck's sa

Indeed!!!   We are all capable of anything. It's human instinct. We all have a dark side... But when some assholes pick on you... Watch the fuck out!!!

so true. The I'm going to knock you the hell out beast. The I just want to jump your bones beast and make little mini beasts with you.D The I can save the world beast.

Too hard right now for me... There's wisdom in the words, but---. I feel like I live in a limbo with no future ahead and the past is too hard to handle.

I must let go of the idea of a future filled with you here in it with me, my son, but I will never let you go.

My motto in life!

Too many!

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Dishonesty kills faith

Quotes Picture: one lie is enough to question all truths