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Awwww~ *tries not to cry & fails pitifully*

Awwww~ *tries not to cry & fails pitifully* Fire Emblem Awakening Parents and Children

Fire Emblem: Fates Summer Scramble

Freaking YESSSSS~~ Leaked images from Fire Emblem Fates' unreleased Summer Scramble! >:D They all are so precious-- our Nohr royals on the left, Hoshido on the right.

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I had a sudden urge to draw grima! The supposed continuation to this post but I never got around to continuing the comic.

fire emblem fire emblem awakening chrom f!robin the artist rated it R-18 rated R for violence?

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Chrom and Avatar (female) This is such a meaningful and heartbreaking picture.

mfw lack of Odin x Elise fanart | Fire Emblem | Know Your Meme

mfw lack of Odin x Elise fanart

Don't mind me, just gonna be over here... What? Who's crying? Not me...

Game: Fire Emblem- Awakening Song: Laullaby for a stormy night by Vienna Tenng

First of all I have no idea why I'm pining this second, how did I find this funny?

Ha ha ha 😂 that would explain why robin keeps wining in super smash brawl