fire emblem fire emblem awakening chrom f!robin the artist rated it R-18 rated R for violence?

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Chrom and Avatar (female) This is a very accurate depiction of what it was like to play FE:A for the first time. It still hurts.

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I had a sudden urge to draw grima! The supposed continuation to this post but I never got around to continuing the comic.

gzeidraws:  Chrom: HAS MY LIFE BEEN A LIE ?! ∑(。・Д・。)Crossover Awakening x Fates 4koma 20End of yonkoma again for now, I will be taking a breather for a few days ^^; Thank you for reading! You can find the rest here: Link

Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates crossover - oh my gosh the encounter between Jakob and Frederick was PRICELESS. Best FE conversation ever.

Awwww~ *tries not to cry & fails pitifully*

Awwww~ *tries not to cry & fails pitifully* I love Vienna teng (lullaby for a stormy night)

Fire Emblem: Fates Summer Scramble

Freaking YESSSSS~~images from Fire Emblem Fates' Summer Scramble DLC! >:D They all are so precious-- our Nohr royals on the left, Hoshido on the right.