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Tajemné Hukvaldy

Tajemné Hukvaldy


Six must visit locations in Fife for Outlander fans

Oldest House in Aveyron - France ~ Blogger Pixz

Oldest House in Aveyron, France (Dating from the Century!) The beauty of this building lies in it's age.

Tolquhon Castle, Scotland

scotland Tolquhon Castle, Scotland Ruins of Balvaird Castle in Scotland. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland The Castle in Budapast.

stone church Ethiopia - It is thought that Saint King Lalibela created these in the 12 th-13th century in an attempt to rebuild old Jerusalem. Labiela is one of Ethiopia's holiest cities. ...Quite amazing!

Lalibela Church, Ethiopia The town of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia is renowned for 12 Christian churches that were hewed out of solid stone some 800 years ago. The most stunning is Bieta Giyorgis, shown here, a massive monolith 40 feet meters) tall,

Děsivá místa ČR :: Merlin

Děsivá místa ČR :: Merlin

Hobbiton Movie Set is a Real Life Version of Middle-Earth - by Trey Ratcliff

Hobbiton, complete with hobbit holes, gardens, bridge, Mill and The Green Dragon Inn.

Chepstow Castle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Chepstow Castle ~ Chepstow, Wales Chepstow Castle (Welsh: Cas-gwent), looms and broods atop a cliff across the River Wye which separates England and Wales.

Kayakoy w Turcji - opuszczone miasto

Turkey's Gorgeous Ghost Town : Once, the Turkish town of Kayaoy boasted a bustling Greek Orthodox population of traders and harvesters. Today it is crumbling and desolate.

77 výletů na tajemná místa v Čechách - Ivo Paulík | Databáze knih

77 výletů na tajemná místa v Čechách - Ivo Paulík