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Rubín pôvodom Mogok na lôžku
Amazing Rare Opalized Wood Boulder Opal with Bright Emerald Green and Blue Growth Rings.
Calcite su fluorite da yaogangxian, Cina (esemplare: bene Mineral International, fotografia: James Elliott)
What a cool #Gemstone!! This is called Cavansite and this is it's natural growth structure. This one in particular is grown on Quartz crystal #costencatbalue #Vancouver
rainbow tourmaline pendant | amazing facets!
Wires of native silver emerging from a calcite crystal. Source: Kongsberg Silver Mining District, Svene, Flesberg, Buskerud, Norway. / Mineral Friends <3
Hexagonal ruby crystal, the red-pink gem variety of the mineral species corundum, in green zoisite matrix.
Mohave prupleTurquoise Gemstone Cabochon 7292 by Eaglegems on Etsy All purple Turquoise is dyed!