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this band has made a big impact on my life I dont know what I would do without them

I'm so sad My Chemical Romance has broken up, but I will forever be one of their Killjoys. I love you guys and thanks for the unforgettable music. THANK YOU MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

La necesidad de escuchar música todo el tiempo

"lisztomania: a need to listen to music all the time."<<<<there's even a song called lisztomania by phoenix!

honey if you stay I'll be forgiven, nothin you can say can stop me going home

lyrics gerard way frank iero my chemical romance mcr famous last words i-cannot-dream-tonight

What if they tell you that they were back and now they are not together once again

If that happens to me and MCR aren't back together by the time I wake, I will go back into my coma, or die even

My bff des will understand I for real sent her so many gifs that she became part of the fandom kill me

me: haha that's so pathetic me :haha… me: ha… me: … me: *hides 7 million photos of Gerard way behind back*<<<and the rest of MCR!