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Ubisoft na konferencii E3 priniesol mnoho titulov, ktoré taktiež budú spomenuté v ďalších článkoch
A carbon fiber looking platform, nice!  #platforms #computers #gaming
Gamers should be able to relate...
This is true. Another giveaway is if there keyboard either A: lights up, B: has extra buttons, or C: makes a super loud click when you press the button.
I've always wanted to do this. Now I just want to rent out a theater and play games with people.
38 Pics And Gifs That Are For Gamers Only
Ghost Chaser Designer Blinds at Direct Blinds                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Mi amigo Saad práctica karate y fútbol en lunes, martes, miércoles, y jueves, y juega videojuegos en el fin de semana. Los fines de semana, Saad pasa tiempo en mi casa, juega videojuegos y práctica deportes en el patio trasero. Los fines de semana, Saad pasa tiempo jugando con su primos.
I finally solved a problem that we've had at our house for years-      I made a holder for video game controllers.
This is why we have to stop and think before pressing "X"