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Cat playing with butterflies!i've never seen such lovely blue butterflies.

No es flojera, ,,,, es paz interior,,

If only this chair was a little bit wider, then I could really stretch out

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Don’t patronize them, fear them. "Respect Your Cat (Not That It Cares)" by Abigail Tucker, author of “The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World.

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How To Training Your Cat techniques designed to help you improve your relationship with your new cat companion. Cats have been domesticated for more than years, since human beings began to farm and needed cats. Cat training take less efforts then a dog.

oriental shorthair - an established breed, but the Southeast Asian answer to the  North American DSH/DLH, English Moggie, Maine Coon, Nordic and Siberian Cat, with wide Coat variety standard, hybrid vigor, sparkling personality and fascination with human activities. Those I know who have them, love them dearly and find them a joy to have. Who could refuse this face? Some of the expression of mischief, as with the Rex cats and Abyssinians! They are quite spirited, too.

Large ears for an oriental shorthair kitten to grow into! Cat to match our dogs!

Such a pretty cat.  Beautiful expression.

Such a pretty cat. Beautiful expression.

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13 Facts about The Cutest Species " Caracal Cat "

Jamie's cat, Amberle

Warrior of LightningClan. He has a mate named Starlingstrike and three kits named Shatteredeyes, Leapwind and Woodpoppy. He is strong and brave and will protect any member of his clan with his life.

A Positively Beautiful Blog 2

A Positively Beautiful Blog 2