Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes (Jan) Vermeer 1666 - Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands

Johannes Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring, oil on canvas, cm × 39 cm, Mauritshuis, The Hague. This “Mona Lisa of the North" or the “Dutch Mona Lisa” is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s masterworks and uses a pearl earring for a.

Private Collection, USA  Self Portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser (1940)

Artist: Frida Kahlo Title: "Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr. Eloesser" Medium: oil on masonite Size: x 40 cm Ownership: Private Collection Comments: Kahlo wearing her pain as a necklace of thorns. I like that she looks so strong in this portrait.

. La joven de la perla Considerada por algunos como la "Mona Lisa del Norte," esta encantadora pintura del artista alemán, Johannes Vermeer, representa exactamente lo que el título indica - La joven de la perla (Girl with Pearl Earring). Completada hacia 1665, esta obra ahora puede ser encontrada en la galería Mauritshuis en La Haya.

Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer. love, love, love this painting. the book/movie are both awesome, too! webpages 1305570989868773 la_grisaglia_6

Looks like a young Helen Mirren! Vermeer's Artistic Technique: Painting an Oil Copy of "Girl with a Pearl Earring"

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1907–1908

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss, oil and gold leaf on canvas, - Love this painting forever

Grant Wood: American Gothic - Art Institute of Chicago

American Gothic, Grant Wood, 1930 Belongs to Regionalism - an American modern art movement and focused on showing the life of farmers and mainly scenes of rural life.

Van Eyck, self-portrait. Inscribed above, with 'As I can'. The self-portrait is not only a representation of what the artist looks like, but what the artist can do; a demonstration of power. This way of seeing art was entirely novel at the time.

The Man in a Red Turban by Jan Van Eyck (c. The exact person depicted has never been identified, but it is widely thought that it is a self-portrait of Van Eyck himself. 1433 oil on wood in National Gallery, London, UK

None of the tears that you have ever cried in your life were wasted or in vain. Everything you wept over honored those moments in life as valuable and important and those feelings of sadness were sacred to your Soul.   ~ Dr Jeff Mullan

For clarity, this painting is often attributed to Klimt, but was not painted by him. This painting, 'Freya's Tears' was painted by French artist Anne-Marie Zilberman in the style of Klimt.


James Jacques-Joseph Tissot French, 1836 - 1902 Orphan Date: circa 1879

Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow (1788—1862) -Sabbath Moments – Spiritual Communion | joy of nine9

Sabbath Moments – Spiritual Communion

☆ The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins -Detail- Artist Friedrich Wilhelm…

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