linhas_de_historias_10.jpeg 800×570 pixels

Linhas de Histórias" is a exhibition with a signage and printed pieces created by the Brazilian studio Campo.

Mondrian... | Diário do Figurino

Mondrian Desk Flip Down Foldout Bold Solid Color Vintage Interior Design Photo by Christian Montone

Royal Children’s Hospital, Australia

Patterns with wayfinding / Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne Wayfinding 13

Sony Music Entertainment Finland's head office

Best Office Wall Decor Ideas Can Improve Your Productivity - SimpleJoy Studio

Painted pantone accent wall without labels

Love the gradient rainbow color. painted pantone accent walls but without labels ~RG

Branding, Environment Design

Environment Grants provides a collection of resources on supporting healthy community environments.

Moor Street Studio | Clare Cousins Architects

Moor Street Studio, Fitzroy designed by Clare Cousins Architects. Office or home decor design wall treatment i like the idea of a rentable - co-work space within artSUP

Erik Marinovich ICHI Mural 01

ICHI Sushi

Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar shows you how to eat sushi. It illustrate the do’s and don’ts of sushi-eating etiquette. The result: a playful hand-painted graphic mural. Menu is bringing back the yuzu chicken wings that are drenched in potato starch.