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Ces chinchillas aux gros popotins vont vous faire craquer !

The Wonderfully Adorable Round Backsides That Form Whenever Violet Chinchillas Sit Down

Plusieurs animaux qui s'aiment et qui se ressemble...

20 animal brothers from other mothers

20 animal brothers from other mothers -- the pugtato is also great XDD

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I'm not a rodent fan. but I am sooo obsessed with chinchillas right now. Are they not the cutest little fluffys!

Our Sleepy Chinchilla ... zzz. He loves his fleece pillow. #cuteness

Our Sleepy Chinchilla . He loves his fleece pillow. has a fleece pillow that she loves to snuggle with!

Funny Memes -

Funny pictures about Growing A Bunny. Oh, and cool pics about Growing A Bunny. Also, Growing A Bunny photos.

Top 30 Cutest Animals

Top 30 Cutest Animals

Pet Rats Photographed with Miniature Teddy Bears. I used to have a pet rat, was so cute.

If this does not melt your heart....!

"Studies have proven that rats laugh when you tickle them. And now they cuddle tiny teddy bears. Rats, you are wonderful. How can anyone bear to kill rats, I can't understand. They're so cute!