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Z - Zygaena fausta

Zygaena Fausta, a day flying Burnet Moth photographed by gorpie in France on July 2011

Scorpion Fly.

with its stained glass / mosaic wings, Scorpion Fly .Panorpa communis, the common scorpionfly

Looks like the camo here is to match up with lichens; see the lichen patch just below this critter.

Staurophora celsia (LINNAEUS, - Malachiteule [It looks like the camouflage here is meant to match up with lichens; see the lichen patch just below the month.


I’m going to wrap up the NMW posts today, finishing off with two more last-minute-porch-light finds. I’ll be continuing to observe my backyard moths this summer, so don’t be surp…

Zygaena rhadamanthus

Zygaena rhadamanthus

Lichen Moth

Lichen Moth

The Parthenice Tiger Moth (Grammia parthenice) is a moth of the Arctiidae family. It is found in Southeastern Canada, and the eastern United States.

The Parthenice tiger moth (Grammia parthenice) is in the Arctiidae family. Found in southeastern Canada & the eastern United States.

Beautiful moth

Lilly moth (Polytela gloriosae) photographed by YogeshSave in Maharashtra, India. via Project Noah

Pantheroides pardalis - Moth from South America

Pantheroides pardalis (family Geometridae) moth from South America / Butterfly / Kelebekler


Garden tiger moth - Arctia caja The best color combinations are inspired by nature.