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Plans - DIY Reptile Enclosure 62.67 cubic feet - PLANS

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This is a digital product. It is a set of plans/manuals to build your own enclosure. It includes three PDF files, a thank you, the manual itself, and a manual on how to build hides for your animals.
A 72" x 24" aquarium would cost you approximately $1,360.00 to purchase. This PVC Enclosure that is 6'4" tall x 4'2" wide x 2' 4 1/2" deep will cost less than $500.00 to build.
This is a set of plans for a 62.67 ft3 Reptile Enclosure made of PVC. It contains full-color pages of instructions. The plans are detailed and exact. It includes an option for doors as well as the option for as it is shown in the photos.
The way this enclosure is built keeps the humidity exactly in the correct range at all times! Since we've built ours, we have had ZERO humidity issues! It has been wonderful! It has done so well we decided to write the plans up and share them with other reptile lovers.
This manual also includes options for doors, as well as other safeguards if you have other pets in your home like dogs or cats.
This Enclosure provides much more climbing room for reptiles than any aquarium could. It provides easy access to the animal and the substrate for necessary changes, as well. We have ours sitting next to a window so that we can let the warm summer air directly into the enclosure; our iguana LOVES IT! Once we had all of the materials, it didn't take long to build it (less than a day), and we've enjoyed it ever since. With all of the extra room and hiding places, our Boomer couldn't be happier!
Our reptiles love this enclosure, and so will yours!
Since our iguana Boomer has been in her enclosure she has grown so very much! We are happy to say that on 10/8/20 she proved how happy she was when she laid 20 eggs! The vet said that the laying of eggs confirmed how healthy and happy she was in her home!
During this unprecedented time, we have been able to order all of our materials online and either have them shipped directly to our home or at the store for curbside pickup. We have been keeping ourselves busy building things!
BUILD KITS FOR THIS UNIT ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR ETSY SHOP... https://www.etsy.com/listing/1034882714/pvc-build-kit-double-unit-6267-ft3?ref=shop_home_feat_3&pro=1
If this enclosure is too big for your reptile, we have plans for another one that is half this size! Go check it out... https://www.etsy.com/listing/814450201/diy-reptile-enclosure-3174-cubic-feet?ref=shop_home_active_1

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