Bonito ponto de crochê para os mais diversos trabalhos

Le motif de La Petite Grise - French site tutorial for this lacy arched stitch, with step-by-step photos;

gráfico de crochê,esquema de crochê                              …

gráfico de crochê,esquema de crochê

Crochet stitch diagram Tbhis is so nice. It looks like a modification of the Solomon stitch or Lover's Knot stitch but more refined. I am doing Solomons now and am intrigued to try this one now

Crochet  Lace Zig Zag Stitch:

"I love this open lace stitch for a lightweight summer stole!" comment via KnittingGuru

Вязание крючком узоров и мотивов.

Вязание крючком узоров и мотивов.

Diagrama de punto en crochet.

This pattern would make a nice extra-wide scarf with a nice sport weight or lighter yarn.

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Crochet_Stitch - "A beautiful and easy all over floral stitch. It would be gorgeous for a shawl." from KnittingGuru.

Страница №70. Узоры и схемы дл |

Patterns and schemes for knitting by a hook. - On May 2013 - the Gold collection of patterns for knitting by a hook

Crochet bobble stitch pattern

manta de corazones y manta con estrellas More [ " Plaid hearts - all in openwork .", "Crochet Afghans: choose from hearts & stars.", " Modified version in progress!", "Nice pattern - I would twist the template and maybe have a couple more colours.