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Colour provocation.
Brushes from nature! Because why not?
What a fun way to teach weight and measurement —with a real level!
Take photos of tree bark - print off photos and have kids try to find the tree.  Could also do with leaves!
Outdoor music
Nature Collection Bottles - Play and Learn Every Day

Nature Collection Bottles

How To Make A Stick Picture Frame

How To Make A Stick Picture Frame

Lock and key busy board with padlocks. DIY project
Love this sign... how often do you play with mud? Let's go get dirty!
My Five Senses (+ printable)... Simply by being thoughtful about what children touch, hear, see, and smell during a learning experience, we can turn an ordinary lesson into lasting memory.
fun ways to collect and sort rocks by lynnette
Nature Inspired Sensory Bottles
A place to mix and smash plants and water, needs only a few bowls and a stick, but is a great place to learn about how things change and sense of capability. medicine making - Stomping in the Mud