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Montessori Activities for the SENSORIAL OUTDOOR CLASSROOM

Outdoor Montessori Activities for Sensorial

Awesome Outdoor Montessori School Environments

Awesome Outdoor Montessori School Environments (how we montessori)

How to Create a Montessori Outdoor Environment

How to Create an Montessori Outdoor Space

Maria Montessori believed in connecting the indoor and outdoor classrooms. Learn how to create a Montessori outdoor environment.

the babies i'm not sure i'm having are DEFINITELY getting a natural wood play structure. Or maybe we'll build one in public space at a church or something.

What is the Nature Play Earth Path? The Nature Play Earth Path is a vision for how to keep kids healthy, connected to nature, and learning all at the same time. It is a ¼ mile trail that runs along the outer edge of the main… Read

Montessori Outdoor Activities and ideas

75+ Rock Star Ideas for the Montessori Outdoor Classroom