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Mud cake created with all natural materials. | Make one for the First Annual Mud Bake Off at Wilder Child
Set up an area with loose materials for playing with (reflections from reggio emilia via let the children play)
Insect Nature Art inspired by Australian Natural Pyrethrins. Get children into nature and outdoors and involve nature and the environment.

Insect Nature Art inspired by Australian Natural Pyrethrins

outdoor play kitchen
Free play outside is essential to a child's growth and development! Learn more about it here!

Free Play in the Forest

This is brilliant!  And so simple!  Raft.  (For old pallets in the yard!)  Wow, this would have been the location of so much play when I was a kid.  We did so much pretending to be in the middle of the ocean, or lava, or what-have-you...
Take the children on a nature walk & focus on discovering different types of patterns. It is a wonderful exercise in slowing down & noticing the little things. Once you start taking the time to look closely at what surrounds you, the world opens up in a whole new way. The complete & utter beauty of it becomes spellbinding. Children naturally move through the world this way, so it is up to us grown-ups to remind ourselves to make the time & take it all in." - Playful Learning ≈≈
Happy Handmade is 115 pages of fun projects to make with and for children. | @mamamissblog

Happy Handmade

Three Simple Words That Can Enhance Your Time Spent Outside as a Family | Wilder Child