Preskúmajte tieto a ďalšie námety.

Using colour blocks to explore shadow in the Early Years - from Rachel (",)
Mirror with small blocks
Wrapping blocks with foil ≈≈// Kids love this. Exploration of shiny and dull.
Provocation with rulers and markers...
Rosemary, tomato leaves, sage and lavender to practice scissor skills. (I like the table too... wonder how I could make one?!)
Shadow drawing.
Construction area display -Mudpies and Marmalade- an Early Years Journey. ≈≈
Fun mark making opportunity / Early Years - wrap up blocks with drawing paper for an alternative to flat paper. Watch then get creative making parcels, decorating them and writing their name :)
Building using foam blocks, spatulas and shaving foam. EYFS
Mark making - sand and a home-made light box - stimulatinglearning