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The last one is my favorite. He's getting squashed and is like "I make bruises look good".

They’re just really good looking…

Ridiculously photogenic people - I don't usually pin these, but the last guy is hilarious!

The kind of friends we need in our lives

The kind of friends we need in our lives>> friendship goals

Childhood treasures. Hahaha I owned both of these things!

Childhood treasures…

Funny pictures about Childhood treasures. Oh, and cool pics about Childhood treasures. Also, Childhood treasures.

10 Funny Spider Memes Today!#4 The Next Step Is: Burn The House!

̶"̶Ɓ̶ℓ̶α̶c̶к̶ ̶ι̶ѕ̶ ̶т̶н̶є̶ ̶н̶α̶ρ̶ρ̶ι̶є̶ѕ̶т̶ ̶c̶σ̶ℓ̶σ̶υ̶я̶.̶"

24 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People With iPhones

This is funny even thought I don't check me phone at 1 am.l consider Patrick Star a celebrity

I bet the music he plays is imaginary too

What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/


Hello ur son be actin a fool in class Pizza Hut: yo dis Yeetza hut wut ur order