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Csopaki vitorlástábor

Csopaki vitorlástábor

Moths -- These aren't really sailboats.  They're planes. . . .

Moths -- These aren't really sailboats. They're planes.and not very expensive!

Speed. L'Hydroptere. Hybrid catamaran and fastest sailboat in the world. _________________________ WWW.PACKAIR.COM


Hydroptere - World's fastest Sailboat. Uses underwater wings for lift. For contrast, the average Sailboat tops out around 8 knots I believe

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Lake Lure NC Not only is this my dream vacation with the colors of fall that will take your breath away, but Dirty Dancing was filmed here!

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Daddy would put out our dinghy as we approached a harbor and my sibling and I could "ride" it in as we were towed behind our sailboat (similar to ours albeit not this one which is a painting.