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Penjing by Ryan Neil, with 2 juniper trees on a rock formation

Ryan Neil working on a unique saikei. A wild guess says the trees are Junipers This is just awesome

Living Landscapes in Miniature

INSPIRATION: Cultivating A Living Game board --- Living Landscapes in Miniature --- This Bonsai style is called "Saikei"

Image result for chicago botanic garden bonsai tree cling to rock climb

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a potted companion sitting on the soil surface of a larger bonsai. I think the companion is a Mondo grass. Is the tree a Serissa?


Portulacaria afra (dwarf jade) bonsai forest started from a garden center plant. 6 years in training.

These are European spruce bonsai forest, Picea abies. The forest is in a special mountain pot made for it.

Ficus Bonsai

Walter Pall Bonsai Adventures: Patrick re-styles his spruce forest

Bonsai root and branch network....-so beautiful, intricate-k

Bonsai showing excellent branch - root development. Many species of ficus will grow roots from their branches along with the common schefflera, as long as it remains in a humid environment.