Bottlecap magnets......  or necklace or keychain...

4 Floral Whimsical Singing Birds and Bird Cages- Bottlecap Magnets with Hand-Sewn Fabric Gift Pouch

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets. Put your favorite pattern or picture (of your pets) inside! #beaglesandbargains

How to Make DIY Bottle Cap Magnets Featuring Your Pets

everyday lovely: Bottle Cap Magnets : A Tutorial

everyday lovely: Bottle Cap Magnets : A Tutorial Is it my understanding that if I want these to be cute little bubble magnets instead of hollow caps I can use a liquid epoxy?

everyday lovely: Bottle Cap Magnets : A Tutorial

bottle cap magnets - modge podge & furniture polish for an antique look - love it!

Cheap and simple bottle cap magnets!

Cheap and Simple Bottle Cap Magnets!

Cheap and simple bottle cap magnets! The trick to keeping them from scratching the fridge and filling the space - nuts!

Boter kaas eiers

Creative bottle cap craft and jewelry ideas from our customers at Bottle Cap Cap Co. Here are some great ideas for bottle cap magnets, bottle cap necklaces and lots of other mixed media bottle cap photo and gift ideas.

See the "Bottle-Cap Magnets and Thumbtacks" in our Photo Projects gallery Martha Stewart Living, January 2008

Bottle-Cap Magnets and Thumbtacks

I honestly thought these were earings first. But it is a cool idea: A homey take on the traditional locket, bottle caps inset with small black-and-white pictures, above, can be used as thumbtacks or magnets. Magnet and Thumbtack How-To

Refrigerator Magnets

Uses for Old Maps

Got old maps lying around? If it's only creating clutter, why not upcycle! Make cool DIY projects using old maps with some upcycling and repurposing ideas!