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Pipe chart...almost like a list to check off...

Cigarettes are gross; cigars are "meh" (and crazy expensive). But pipes are just right. Best of all, Dr. Grabow pipes aren't that expensive and last a long time.

Joffre The Giant: Classic Pipe Shapes

Here's an old-school pipe shape chart. The resolution isn't great, so it's hard to read some of the shape names, but it's fun nonetheless.

The most successful underwater ‘pistol’ seems to be accepted as the Russian SPP-1 and later SPP-1M designed by Vladimir Siminov, - made by TOZ (Tula Arms Plant). This gun fires 4.5 inch darts loaded from four round clips. It’s a break action smooth-bore and is claimed to have a maximum effective underwater range of 17m (approx17 yards). - Compare this to a 9mm NATO cartridge that when fired underwater is only considered to be lethal under one metre.

underwater pistol (Russia) Type: Double Action Only Caliber: Weight: 950 g empty Length: 244 mm Barrel length: 203 mm Capacity: 4 rounds in separate barrels