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moskovský urbanizmus

Circle houses in Moscow. The first one was built in its twin "brother" - six years later. The inner diameter of the house is 155 meters. There are 26 sections and 912 flats in the house, its total dwelling living area is 27 334

Moscow. Russia

Moscow. Russia

HOUSE OF SOVIETS | KALININGRAD | RUSSIA: *Built: 1970-1985; Architect: Yulian L. Shvartsbreim; 21-Storeys*

The 10 most ugly skyscrapers in the world

Accademia militare Frunze, 1937,Lev Vladimirovič Rudnev

Frunze Military Academy building, designed by Lev Rudnev and Vladimir Muntz (see War & Navy Commissariat). Decorative tank was demolished in Lives of many Academy graduates were destroyed much earlier, during the Great Purges. Photograph by Ivan Shagin

Architettura sovietica

Central research institute of robotics and technical cybernetics, Saint-Petersburg. It’s one of the most famous buildings of the Soviet “space” architecture. The toothed tower of the experimental centre stands on the four-storey laboratory platform.

Case strane dal mondo

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