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Dealing with Broken Bones and Dislocated Joints after the SHTF

Simple Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection for the Prepper

Protecting electronics from damaging Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) effects is much easier than you might think.

What if someday there's no electricity at all and you can't store your food in the fridge? Here are 12 off-grid alternatives to an electric refrigerator.

Off-Grid Refrigerator: 12 Alternatives to Help You Survive Without Refrigeration

Use these three methods of alternative refrigeration to keep your food cool when there's no electricity.

These are the fleece-lined waterproof socks that keep extremities dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30º F. Used by the U.S. military, the socks have an outer layer of nylon/Lycra for durability and a comfortable stretch fit, a waterproof middle layer, and an inner layer of expedition-weight, double-velour Polartec® fleece that wicks away moisture. Pressure tested to ensure against leaks. Made in the U.S.

The Waterproof Socks - Hammacher Schlemmer - These are the fleece-lined waterproof socks used by the U. Military that keep feet dry and warm down to temperatures as low as F.

Raise your own Tilapia.  The species is well-suited to container farming. Tilapia are not only easy to breed, they are also very efficient at converting food and they grow quickly.  Lots of tips in this interesting article.

Fish farmer Christopher Toole talks about raising fish in plastic bins in the Bronx and how it could be the future of urban farming. Try his recipe for Pan Sautéed Tilapia with Invasive Weeds Pesto and Oyster Mushrooms.

Making Lye From Wood Ashes And Then Making Old Fashioned Lye Soap | Surviving The Sheep

This is an interesting article from Frontier freedom on making lye soap. I have seen recipe for making lye soap but this one is different because before you get to the making soap part they teach you how to make the lye from wood ash.

Learn How to Build Your Own DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub - Off Grid Survival

DIY: Make Your Own Hot Tub How to build your own wood-fired hot tub.It’s not the easiest job, but building your own wood-fired hot tub can save you thousands of dollars if you’re willing to dig a hole and learn some basic concrete skills.

Columbia River Eat

Columbia River Eat 'N Tool XL—Deluxe mess kit tool with larger spoon, and longer handle, box wrench, driver/pry tool, can opener and bottle opener. It also comes with a carabiner.

22 New Uses for Old Pill Bottles | The 104 Homestead #upcycle

Upcycle Pill Bottles With These 22 Ideas

You will never look at an empty pill bottle the same after you see these creative upcycles. (someone actually gave us a bag of empty pill bottles!

Women have personal concerns to consider in a post-SHTF world. That's why we pointed out 7 items for women's stockpile.

Women will possibly face unique dangers in a post-SHTF world, and have a few personal concerns that we'll need to consider.

20 Secret Hiding Places - I like this one in particular.  Why?  Because it's good to hide money in a refrigerator.  If there's a fire, everything in the refrigerator is preserved!  THAT'S A FACT.

20 Secret Hiding Places

a wonderful and simple idea, - 20 Best Hiding Places in the home - Smooth and creamy money - Real Mayonaise jar faux painted inside makes a good hiding place in the fridge

Preparedness - First Aid and Medical Supplies @ http://www.commonsensehome.com/preparedness-first-aid-and-medical-supplies/

Best First Aid Kit Recommendations for Home, Car, Office and Travel

A DIY Solar Ice Maker Perfect For Those Times When The Power…

A DIY Solar Ice Maker Perfect For Those Times When The Power Goes Out, Or Off Grid Living

DIY Solar Ice Maker - solar powered 'off grid' ice maker - easy to set up. A portable ice maker is more practical while camping than an electric mini refrigerator

#Preppers/Survivalists: How to Use a Chap Stick As a Survival Tool - http://dunway.us/kindle/html/frugal1.html

Use Chapstick As a Survival Tool

Some inadvertent deaths are unavoidable—wrong place, wrong time. Staying alive requires perceiving threat, feeling dread, and responding. Here's some tips you should know to stay alive in some dangerous situations.