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Jim C. Hines doing poses from book covers for charity. HAHAHAHAHAHA this is so funny

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Jim Hines continues his project of re-creating ridiculous sexualized SF/Fantasy book covers

changing the sexualization of young girls in the media

Little girls or little women? The Disney princess effect

In today's highly sexualized environment – where wear padded bras – some see the toddlers-and-tiaras Disney princess craze leading to the pre-teen pursuit of "hot" looks. Do little girls become little women too soon?

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REVOLT TV is a music cable network from Sean Combs dedicated to the creators of this generation

Author Jim C. Hines "Striking a Pose" showing the ridiculous (and painful) contortions of females on fantasy book covers.

Author Jim C. Hines injures himself while attempting to strike the poses of the women on the illustrated covers of novels.

There are lots of people who want to do something different which helps them in separating from the crowd and in making a different identity. Well, for that they do so many things but only

Jim Hines imitating poses of fantasy cover Pictures of novels and we can’t stop laughing!!

hysterical commentary on how women are portrayed in art--often in uncomfortable and unrealistic positions with the aim of looking sexy. an author attempts to recreate the poses from the covers of his own books with hilarious results.

Words of wisdom in .gif form from Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins.

Never underestimate the power of your female friends. They are strong, they are constant, they are loyal, they are rare. Boys will come and go and often come between friends. Honor yourself. Honor your girl friends.

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skeptical black kid - so you're telling me that if a hipster buys a pair of these shoes.i get a pair for free?


Big Bird did a great job of closing out Mitt Romney’s concession speech. Not the first time we have heard the Sesame Street “F and U” joke but this is definitely the best .

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