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the girls and I on the swim team loved to play water polo in the deep end!

After the first 50!

This was me when I swam the 200 fly, then the 100 fly, and then a 50 fly in a 200 medley relay back to back to back.


People not understanding that just because you& in water doesn& mean you don& get thirsty.

so true! @Sarah Chintomby Fister @Sarah Chintomby Henthorn @Monique Otero Lefort

At track practice, we did a workout sort of like dryland, which I pointed out. Everyone just stared at me and I had to explain what dryland was.

Yep. #swimmerproblems

I swam forever. Competitive swimming U go home and realize u and everything u own smells like a pool sheeh lol

People at school think it's hilarious

I said "I hate dry land" at school after gym. I got some strange looks, my swimmer friend just agreed