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Famous Peoples Business Cards  3241 Troost Street Kansas City, Missouri WALT DISNEY'S FIRST OFFICE

Buisness cards of famous people

These two men were soldiers in the Korean War. Now, 50 years after they first met, they realise they are are now brothers in faith, serving Jehovah.

Kindness Award to whoever helped reunite these brothers. These two men are brothers who have met for the first time after 50 years of separation from the korean war

Petr spálený - Kdybych já byl kovářem

Petr spálený - Kdybych já byl kovářem

Child’s Gasmask

Mickey Mouse gas mask: Gas masks were made "kid friendly" during WWII. "kid friendly" masks were also used in the Gulf War in Israel, where children decorated their gas mask boxes .

This Photo Sums Up What Mulcair Thinks Of Harper's Senate Scandal Story.

photo of the week: Tom Mulcair laughing at PM Harper's story change in the House of Commons

Nordhausen, Germany, April 1945, A survivor sitting beside a pot of potatoes.

A freed prisoner of the liberated Nordhausen concentration camp photographed by John Florea immediately after the arrival of Allied troops in April