General Riedesel and staff leading his Brunswickers on to the field at the battle of Freeman's Farm during the Saratoga campaign.

General Baron Riedesel and his staff leading the Brunswickers onto the field at the battle of Freeman’s Farm, September 19 Riedesel and his German troops had been initially left guarding the Crown Forces baggage train during the battle.

On Oct. 24, 1781, the front page of Philadelphia’s Freeman’s Journal reported the news of British Gen. Charles Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown, Va., with unusual flash and vigor. Half of the front page is taken up by an announcement surrounded by a decorative border, and the news ends with the exclamation “Laus Deo!” (“Praise Be To God!”).

"Laus Deo!": Celebrating a Huge Victory in the Revolutionary War

Freeman’s Journal, October Patricia D. Klingenstein Library, New-York Historical Society, Newspaper Collection.

Taking of a British redoubt, Siege of Yorktown

Taking of a British redoubt, Siege of Yorktown

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Revolutionary War limited edition art print "The Battle of Cowpens" by Don Troiani featuring General Daniel Morgan at one of South Carolina's most famous battlefields.

As we proceed to the last BIG battle in South Carolina.(BATTLE OF COWPENS) Nathaniel greene leads militia, and Cont. Army and they make a great battle plan- use the militia at their advantage ("runners") the militias goal was to fire 3 shots + run. This encouraged the British to follow militia- SURPRISE! we are over the hill!! big win for us :)

AWI: Battle of Cowpens, 17 January by Steve Noon. The battle of Cowpens was one of the decisive battles of the American Revolution.