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Any Lysaedion shippers out there...

Aedion and Lysander-Not couple but I have hope. The best friends anyone could have<< Lysandra and Aedion.


“Lorcan reached out, grasping her chin and forcing her to look at him. Hopeless, bleak eyes met his. He brushed away a stray tear with his thumb. “I made a promise to protect you. I will not break it, Elide.

I'll Always Pick You by MargaHG.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

We all bear scars, Dorian. Mine just happen to be more visible than most. Throne of Glass Celaena is from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas ~Used Paint Tool Sai and Wacom Bamboo tablet

Throne of Glass Dump by meabhdeloughry.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

kutiekupcakes: “meabhd: “ *Throws a Throne of Glass dump at you* ” You just had to put Nehemia with celaena didn’t you.

embaileyart: “My part of my art trade with ! Check out her AMAZING part of Celaena here! She wanted Dorian so here you go, the precious prince of everyone’s heart ”

Throne of Glass Sketchdump by TroubleTrain.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

***SPOILERS IN THESE DOODLES if you haven& read Empire of Storms*** Sooooo If anyone hasn& noticed I& been reading Sarah J. Maas& stuff lately heh Anyways.here& some Throne of Glass doodles.

This is so fucking kinky

I love how this one actually shows Aelin and Rowan’s height/size difference because he is supposed to be HUGE

bloodydamnit:  Nehemia the Light of Eyllwe who would save them from their plight.   Finally finished! I actually started this months ago and put it on the back burner. Finally finished though! My favorite princess   Prints of this here! x

I crossed paths with Ishizu today and I got the strangest feeling. My heart started beating really hard, and I felt enlightened and like I was going to be sick at the same time. Am I ill?

I love this so much. I've always wanted to draw Dorian but I hardly draw guys so I never got around to it. -Dorian by Taratjah

Dorian Havillard by taratjah. Throne of Glass. Crown of Midnight. Heir of Fire. Queen of Shadows. Empire of Storms.