How to make faux dichroic glass with polymer clay, leaf & ink. (Spanish) #polymer #clay #tutorial

Polymer like dichroic glass - black clay base, gold leaf, liquid polymer clay, alcohol inks.

Sometimes I need more clay pieces to balance out my work.  Theses discs could be just the thing.  Need some tiny to medium.

Very cool use of a Skinner blend cane. Pictorial - Making a PC "Plug" and then making/using disk spacer beads.

Struggling to find inspiration for FIMO! Take a look at this Polymer clay Jewellery...

Polymer Clay Jewelry -- I pinned this for the green floral pendant almost top right, and the blue/grey leaves large bottom.

Мастер-класс цветочек из полимерной глины в технике миллефиори. - Полимерная глина для начинающих. Мастер классы по лепке. - Мастер-классы - Kalinkapolinka

Master-class flower of polymer clay millefiori technique. - Polymer Clay for Beginners. Master classes on sculpting.

tuto en images ~polymer clay, marker, glaze~

India ink / pitt artist pens would be the most permanent. Sharpie fades over time on polymer clay. Otherwise nice tutorial at Doodled Pendants ~polymer clay, marker, glaze~