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I might be getting concert tickets for 5 SOS my dad's buying them


SPONGEBOB WENT TURBO. (Disney reference for those of you how would shame me for putting this on my Disney board.) I laughed so hard!


Yes, it makes sense because I make no sense, so to me things that don't make sense make sense. It makes sense!


lol spongebob is afriad of a floating shopping list i would be like dude this is the lamest prank ever <== are you kidding me? this is everyones worst nightmare

Spongebob Squarepants

Something tells me getting naked to sell real estate isn't gonna work. I love SpongeBob!

♕✦∘only in darkness can you see the stars∘✦♕

on vine the trending tag is SOOO it's like a fandom thing that just turned into a HUUUGE fight between the fan and like old people it's pretty hilarious if u have a vine go check it out and watch sassy Sara she's on a freaking roll tonight


Will somebody call this number ! <<< I called it the guy said "yep sure is" I hung up before anything else could be said<< my phone said that the code I dialed was incorrect. But it was the same number

I got punched for telling my roommate I was a good noodle..<<<<<<<re-pinning for this comment lol

Unless it is a stupid thing to get yelled at for (such as not doing the homework that wasn't given to you) hint hint teacher that did that

For the first time in a long time, I'm speechless. And not in a good way.

Tweet your name with no vowels…

OH my god! Some people are just stupider than you could ever imagine. I learned what a vowel was in KINDERGARTEN!


Everyone should know the hairbrush song. And the water buffalo song. And the theme song. Isn't it weird to think some people don't know VeggieTales?