boo-adams: “ grimvr: “ An obscenely dreamy day to be here. ” Perfect home - wish I knew where it is located!

Victorian era home in Angeleno heights, Los Angeles

I this house! Never expected to love a dark color like this. But I guess we will plan this for a house color. Victorian era house in Angeleno Heights, Los Angeles

(98) Victorian House

Im pretty sure this is the "Bates Motel" house at Disneyland, not sure uf theres one at Disneyworld in FL but I did see the house & separate "hotel" that was used gor the movie and I'm still pretty sure thid is it.


Old victorian mansion in Sacramento, California, USA - probably haunted! This cool old Victorian mansion looks pretty ominous to me.

Completed in 2009 at a reported cost of £2.8m ($4.1m), the nine bedroom suburban fortress, complete with turrets, spires, towers and a moat is now on the market for £27.1m ($39m), down from its original asking price of £31.3m ($45m) in July last year.

Surreal estate: live your fairytale fantasy ... own a castle – in pictures

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The structure is filled with so many ridges, bumps and value changes that it stands out amongst the grey backdrop.

"Considered the most grand Victorian home in America." ~ Carson Mansion in Eureka CA    I've been in front of this place. And the Victorian across the street from it is totally adorable too.

Victorian - Carson Mansion in Eureka CA--"considered the most grand Victorian home in America." William Carson (July 1825 – February for whom the mansion was built, arrived in San Francisco from New Brunswick, Canada in

old victorian house

Our future dream house. Chateau Richard Interesting Victorian House in Chateau-Richer, Qc Quite excentric in fact for the area better knows for it's French Canadian style