Abandoned elegance

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Shotgun House, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1999 Brian Vanden Brink photography

Abandoned shotgun house in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are very common in New Orleans. But even more common by a large margin are the shotguns with two windows and front door and double versions of it.

greenhouse - I want one of these - restored of course, at the back of my house!  Meyer lemon tree!

Old Farm House Closed In Back Porch, put some glass in those windows and I'm owning it.

Creepy old house in Montana.

Mansion in the woods. Always wanted to create a haunted house and this would be the perfect place to do it.

OMG this is my dreamhouse for real. Someone pay my loans and buy me this.

Victorian Home, San Francisco, California. beautiful colors- I want the color scheme for my future home.

Not a fan of breaking into creepy old houses? Keep things safe and spooky with these three brilliant board games set in haunted houses! It's a Halloween treat!